Monday, August 27, 2012

Beauty Products Under $20

I've decided to switch it up a bit and write about something other than eating delectable foods and exploring fun restaurants with friends.  

There are so many products on the market today that help keep us gals (and guys) looking our best.  I, myself have found a few products I've come to love and want to share them with you.  Now I'm not one to spends loads of money on upkeep products, so I've chosen a few that are $20 or less. 

Here are some of my favorites . . .

OPI Chip Skip, Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap, Witch Hazel, Elizabeth Arden Deep Cleansing Mask, CHI Nourish Intense, e.l.f Eyebrow Kit.

As you can tell from my shabby photo (sorry about that), I use OPI Chip Skip EVERY time I give myself an at home manicure.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than having freshly painted nails and seeing they are chipped a day after they were painted. 

I always make sure to apply the Chip Skip after my nails have been filed, buffed, cleaned, and dried. (Its important to remember not to touch your nails before painting them, because any natural oil from your skin can effect how well / long the polish will stay on).  The OPI Chip Skip drys instantly, so pick out a polish and slap on two coats of the color of your choice and finish with a shiny top coat.  

Allow nails at least an hour to dry before touching.  Or, for those of you without patience (like me) place your hands in a bowl of ice and water for roughly 3-4 minutes and they should be dry once the time is up.         

If you're interested, you can purchase the OPI Chip Skip on Amazon for just under $9.

I received the next product as a graduation gift from a family friend and I use it every day.  The Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap is a great body wash; it gets super bubbly, smells nice, leaves your skin hydrated and smooth, and lasts for a relatively long time.  

Even my boyfriend liked this soap, he bought us enough to last a year!

You can find this soap on the Kiss My Face website.

Now I know witch hazel doesn't sound like a glamorous beauty product, but actually, it is!  I've been using witch hazel as an astringent and toner for almost a year now and have seen a great improvement in my skin.  My face has less redness, smaller pores, and my chin is no longer a problem area. Yay! I've also never had a problem with my skin drying out while using witch hazel, as I have with other toners in the past.

I apply witch hazel with a cotton swab twice a day; before my morning face lotion and after I've washed my face in the evening.
You can purchase witch hazel practically anywhere.  Try your local drug store or supermarket and your sure to come across it.  Happy toning!

I love my Elizabeth Arden Deep Cleansing Mask! This is my go-to product when I feel my face is in need of a little extra TLC.  The mask is a great way for cleaning the skin after a long, sweaty gym session and for reducing the chance of random pop ups from those hideous things known as 'blemishes'. 

For first time users the Deep Cleansing Mask may feel a bit tingly, but that's just the mask doing its job, so  no worries.  You'll skin will look and feel radiant after using this mask. 

You can find this lovely mask on Amazon for a lot less money than going to the Elizabeth Arden website or Macy's. 

This. Stuff. Really. Works.  I came across CHI's Nourish Intense while looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to use.  I've had this hair masque just over four months and use it a minimum of at least twice a week.  After combing this stuff through my long locks my hair feels like pure silk.  Seriously, I'm not kidding.  Think of the softest, smoothest, shiniest thing you can imagine and that's how your hair will feel after using this product.  

You can find the CHI Nourish Intense by clicking here

Last but certainly not least is the e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit.  I've been filling in my brows for a bit now, due to an eyebrow plucking mishap that occurred when I was younger.  This kit provides you with a small angled brush that works well and gives you full, natural-looking brows.  You'll be able to find this product in any drugstore or supermarket's beauty section.

I hope you liked my beauty tips!
Are there any products out there you'd like to share with me?


  1. Love witch hazel! Ever try any body scrubs? You would love the sea scrubs by this company called sabonnyc its terrific. Makes everything feel smooth as a babies booty

  2. Natalie F.August 28, 2012

    kimmmm i'm going to go get some witch hazel right away! love the blog :)

  3. Thanks Natalie!
    Let me know how it works out for you!

  4. Hi doll! Did you buy your Chi hair masque at Overstock? They're sold out and I looked in like every drugstore in Albany...your description makes me reaaaally want it!

  5. Hey Ali!

    I actually bought my CHI hair masque at Marshall's. -_- It was cheap and I couldn't resist. More specifically, I bought it at the Glenmont Marshall's..I went back the other day and it was there... so definitely check it out!

  6. Thanks for sharing this post.This is good and very durable
    ,i am happy to buy this.


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