Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun Times Are Twin Times

Cait came for a visit to Albany Thursday afternoon and we had a lovely time catching up for the rest of the evening. We started off baking some delicious apple crisp and experimenting with an apple / pumpkin pie recipe we found while surfing the inter-webs.  Unfortunately the pie didn't turn out anything like we had expected. But, the apple crisp was quite delicious.

While the crisp was in the oven I decided to play 'show off my cute pug', Cait agreed to play along (as long as I promised to give her the lint roller as soon as we were done;
she hates Barley's hair). Just look at how cute Auntie Cait and Barley are together!

After baking and ruffhousing (sorry, I couldn't resist) with Barley, Cait and I wanted some real food.
And so, we set off to find a happy hour. We arrived at one of my favorite restaurants in Albany just minutes before their happy hour was ending. I knew what to order as soon as we looked at The Point's menu. A bottle of Pinot Noir and their Wild Mushroom Pizza. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of this delicious pizza.   It was far too yummy for me to wait and fuss over pictures. . . and maybe I  forgot to take a picture until their was only once slice left.Whoops! The wild mushroom pizza is full of delicious ingredients, including: Wild mushrooms, goat and Pecorino Romano cheeses, black truffle oil tossed arugula, served over grilled baked dough. Just go in and order their pizzas already! You'll thank me when there's only crumbs left on your plate.  After pizza, we were craving something sweet and didn't want to head home just yet. So instead, we went to the New World Bistro Bar, which is conventionally located just around the corner from my house.  To satisfy both mine and Cait's sweet tooth, we decided to start with a nice glass of red and two desserts from their Sweeties menu.

We split their Crème brûlée of the day; which was a delicious hazelnut.

I'm really not one for Crème brûlée, but Cait finally convinced me and I'm so happy she did, because it was wonderful! It put a huge smile on my face . . .

We also ordered their classic tapas trio.

This included lemon curd, a truffle, and Nutella mousse.  Out of the three, the lemon curd was definitely my favorite! The mousse was light and airy with a hint of the Nutella flavor. If I remember correctly, the truffle was a chili-lime truffle.   Honestly, I didn't exactly care for it; it was just too spicy, but interesting non the less.

We ended the night by passing out semi-early to a television show that happens to be both of our guilty pleasures.
Until next time . .  .
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