Sunday, September 23, 2012

New York City: Bon Iver

Last Thursday I had an adventurous night in the city! I drove down state to meet up with my twin sister and take a late afternoon train into New York. 
We were heading down to see one of my favorite bands . . .  Bon Iver! For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram I'm sure you already knew I was on my way to the concert (I was pretty excited and wanted everyone else to know too!)

We ended up missing the earlier train and needed to pass the time until the next one.
So, Cait and I decided to enjoy a glass of wine at the bar that was conveniently adjacent to the train station. 
And pass some time it did!

Once we arrived in the city Cait and I headed straight towards Radio City Music Hall, as we were already a little behind schedule.

Just a wee bit excited here

When the opening band finished and Bon Iver walked on stage, the entire audience (including me) went crazy with applause and woo-hoo's as excitement quickly spread throughout the crowd. 

The concert was fantastic and  Bon Iver performed great live! (Sorry for the lack in pictures, my photos from the concert didn't come out too well).

After the concert, Cait and I were starving so we went on a hunt for some decent food. We came across Bella Napoli Italian Restauruant; it was a few blocks from RCMH.

Classic Margherita Pizza

Broccoli and spinach stuffed pizza

I had a night to remember! 

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