Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fun Times: Friends and Fantastic Food

This weekend I was reunited with my college gal pal, Ms. Katie Jo. 

The evening started off with a glass (or two) of wine while our talented
friend Joey applied our makeup . . . the right way.

After an hour of getting ready the three of us headed out. Our first stop was The City Beer Hall (one of my favorite places in Albany!). We were all very hungry at this point and knowing we were headed to The City Beer Hall meant delicious beer, burgers and truffle mac & cheese. Yes, that's right.  Truffle Mac & Cheese!  It is as deliciously mouth-watering, rich, and creamy as it sounds. We each started with one of my all time favorite beers that tastes like raspberries; Abita Purple Haze.
The three of us split the Truffle Mac & Cheese as an appetizer (with extra truffle oil, duh).

After finishing our Abita's we decided to see what the Mystery Bucket was all about.

For $15 you get 5 different beers. 

Yes. Choosing a beer was a big deal.
For dinner, Katie and I decided to split the Gastro Burger.

In case you were wondering . . . it was delicious.

After dinner Joey left, Em Coop stopped by and another Mystery Bucket appeared.

Girls being girls

By this point, our tummy's were beginning to feel less full from dinner.
And so, we split a free pizza that comes with every pint of beer.
Katie and I made friends with Nick and Carlece; they made us a special pizza*

Yes, that IS mac & cheese!

*Our special pizza was a one time thing

It made me extremely happy! Finally, we were exhausted and both mine and Katie's tummy were full. So we went home to pass out. We woke up hungry the next morning . . . with one thing on our mind. Truffle Mac & Cheese. So we headed back out and went to The City Beer Hall's brunch.

Yes, we actually did split another mac & cheese.

I think Katie would agree with me when I say . . .We are OBSESSED with truffle oil.
It is a gift from God. No matter where I go to brunch, I get the same thing every time. I tend to rate a restaurant by how well they execute their eggs benedict.

The City Beer Hall did a great job (the hollandaise sauce was to die for)!

Chicken and Waffles with maple gravy

Chicken Sandwich - grilled chicken, arugula, cranberry goat cheese,
balsamic aioli on sourdough

With every plate, you get a free drink. Katie and I each ordered a Bloody Mary.

This weekend was a total success. It was full of friends, fun times, delicious food, and laughing until we could laugh no more. Until next time!

The next time you ask yourself what should I do tonight? The answer is . . . THE CITY BEER HALL!

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