Monday, October 8, 2012

Grand Opening: Albany Distilling Company

Friday was a big day for the city of Albany and two hard working and determined businessmen. Matthew Jager and John Curtin, owners of the city's first licensed distillery since prohibition hosted their grand opening of the Albany Distilling Company.

The Albany Distilling Company's first product is their Coal Yard New Make Whiskey. Now some of you may be wondering . . . Why did the distillers decide to name their first product Coal Yard? The reason is . . . history.

Both distillers were raised in this great city and have a strong appreciation for its history. If you didn't know this already, they are currently occupying the the building that was once the coal yard for the actual pump station that brought the water into the city. While renovating the building months ago, the distillers came across tracks in the middle of their space; those tracks were what helped move the carts of coal to the original pump station.  Its pretty neat, isn't it?!

The event began at 11 o'clock in the morning and lasted well into the evening. The grand opening was open to the public and hundreds of community members came out to show their support and (obviously) taste / buy some delicious whiskey.  There were kind words  of support and a ribbon cutting ceremony from  Mayor Jerry Jennings Senator Neil Breslin  a representative from County Executive McCoy's office a representative from Albany Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce and a representative from Kinderhook Bank.

Mayor Jerry Jennings
State Senator Neil Breslin

The distillers were then interviewed by the numerous news stations who came to witness history being made.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of John because every one he was in ended up coming out too blurry. (Sorry John)

Once the news stations left some food was brought out and guests began to mingle, taste the ADC's whiskey for the first time, and offer congratulations to the distillers.

 Meet Tim, the wonderful man behind the bar shaking Coal Yard cocktails! 

Cocktails - $4

Whiskey and Ginger*: Coal Yard with Saranac Ginger Beer

Rusty Coal: Coal Yard with Drambuie

Dawn Over Manhattan: Coal Yard, Benedictine, Dry Vermouth, Bitters

Harvest Apple: Coal Yard and Apple

Whiskey - $3

Neat or on the Rocks 

*My Favorite and best seller of the evening

I was stationed behind the merchandise for most of the night.

Bottles - $31 (with complementary glass)
T-shirts / Tanks - $15
Glasses- $5

 The Merchandise Team!
Jeff (The Intern), Jillane (The Old Intern), Me (The Girlfriend)

Beautiful aspects of the distillery


The line to enter the distillery was constantly out the door as people were waiting to sample the new make whiskey in cocktails. We began seeing guests with sad faces as word quickly spread that the Albany Distilling Company had SOLD OUT OF WHISKEY!!!  

Once the DJ left, there was live music performing to carry us into the wee hours!

So proud!

Congratulations Matt and John! Keep making that tasty whiskey for all of us in Albany!

The Albany Distilling Company is open for tours on Tuesday: 4pm-8pm and
Saturday: 12pm - 8pm To keep up with whats going on at the distillery "Like" them on Facebook ! Or follow them on Twitter @AlbDistCo

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