Saturday, October 20, 2012

Instagram Catch Up

Seeing as how I've been a bit of an MIA blogger  these past few days I thought we could play a game. It's called Instagram Catch Up. This way I get to share what I've been up to with you. I hope you enjoy!
(1) Lunch out with M. (Two different days) On the days I know my love will be working late or too busy to  remember to eat lunch I like to pop in and surprise him.  I either bring him a meal from home or we go to our favorite  place,  right next door - The Albany Pump Station

Camel Burger (yes, actual camel) with goat cheese and roasted red peppers

Shrimp & Lobster Mac & Cheese
(2) Trip home to see my mom and twin.
The view throughout my car ride was absolutely beautiful.. I just had to pull over and snap a few pictures.  

(3) Enjoying the beauty of nature right in my backyard.

Homemade chocolate ice cream
It was beautiful and warm outside and so...Why not eat ice cream outside?!

(4) Night out with my older sister. Brit and I were in need of some girl time / catch up /  We headed to one of my favorites, The Point, where we split a delicious pizza and bottle of wine 

Black and Blue Pizza: Slices of filet mignon, gorgonzola cheese gnocchi,
mushrooms, spinach and carmelized onions served over grilled pizza dough

 That's it for now!
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