Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Day Fun

For me, there is only one good thing that can come from winter. . . and that is a SNOW DAY! Yesterday was the first one of the season and boy was it fantastic. Yes, of course it was pretty as everything quickly turned into a winter wonderland. But this fluffy white stuff falling from the sky also allowed me a full day of relaxation and a day to play  catch up on all my house work.  Okay, okay, so maybe housework wasn't my main priority.

Instead, I decided to make this unexpected day of relaxation official with my very own at home Snow Day Spa Day.  After waking up with a splash of cold water on my face, I applied this wonderful product:

Elizabeth Arden: Peel & Reveal

This mask is great; it's a bit gooey out of the jar, but comes with a lovely little brush for an easy application.   After waiting 20-25 minutes you peel it off and your skin is glowing! This peel is full of antioxidants with the main ingredient of Cabernet Grapeseed Extract which helps to even out skin tones and brighten your face.  To find this product and more information about it for yourself visit the Elizabeth Arden website.
Next on my at home spa to-do list was hydration. And so, I smothered on a decent amount of :

Elizabeth Arden: Hydrating Mask
(*picture not taken by The Simple Little Treat*)
I'll apply this mask at least once a week to help prevent dryness, especially during these cold winter months. (There are no pictures of me using these lovely products on my face, because I must admit, a girl can look quite scary with a bunch of goo smothered on her face.)
While the face mask was drying, I decided to prepare for mani / pedi time! Whenever I give myself an at home mani / pedi I always always always start with OPI Chip Skip. For you loyal readers out there, you may remember that I've mention this product in a previous post from the summer. I started with a pedicure, seeing as how I'd have to wash the mask of my face in only a few minutes. For my tootsies, I used the Essie Wicked I received as a Christmas gift. 

Then, I decided to have fun with my manicure using another gift.

My Snow Day Spa Day ended on a delicious note with homemade shrimp risotto.

This manly hand is not mine, but rather my risotto-making-King-of-a-boyfriend.

Shrimp risotto

The risotto came out spec-freaking-tacular! (Excuse my french, it was just sooo yummy).
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