Friday, March 15, 2013

Experiencing the Roaring 20's

Last Saturday I spent my evening traveling back in time to experience the 1920's the right a speakeasy!
The Ten Broeck Mansion hosted a 'Puttin' on the Ritz Benefit' to support both the Albany Historical Association and the Ten Broeck.

Photo property of The Ten Broeck Mansion by id29

As soon as Matt and I walked through the door we were greeted by a group of ladies all dolled up and looking fabulous! A majority of the women wore flapper dresses that were absolutely beautiful; most were sparkly, some were very intricate, and of course,they were all accompanied with a nice strand of pearls. 

The gentlemen...well they looked as handsome and as dapper as ever. Many wore suits and some even pulled out their tux for this very special occasion!

After we were given our tickets for a drink and poker chips the men were offered a fedora...and the ladies were given a sequined feather help us channel our inner flapper!

Now that you have good idea of how everyone was dressed, close your eyes and picture a large rooms with extremely high ceilings, beautiful crown molding, bright chandeliers dangling overhead, and the sound of a trumpet, double bass, and drums playing the best jazz songs of the era. It was quit a night... Shall we experience it together?..

Now...for the important stuff: the drinks, the food, and the games... I mean..craps and blackjack!
I started off drinking a whiskey cocktail from the ADC.

There were so many delicious drink options to sip on. (Not listed below was the Albany Pump Station, who donated yummy beer as well).

All the cocktails were invented and made by Albany's best mixologist: Mr. Robert Mack.

From the cocktails listen above, I tried the 'White Rickey' and the 'Coal Rock 'n' Rye'.
Both were refreshing and delicious. My personal favorite was the Coal Rock 'n' Rye.
As I slowly sipped on the drink the rock candy melted into the cocktail which made a perfect compliment to the citrus and softened the grainy strength of the whiskey. Mmmmm.

With a drink in hand and an empty stomach I quickly took advantage of the gourmet  hors d'oeuvres that the lovely flappers from the City Beer Hall were passing around.  I only snapped one quick photo of a deliciousssss  (yes, every extra 's' was necessary) little bundle of joy.

So it may seem simple in just a photo but once it hit my taste buds I realized it was anything but. If I remember correctly it was pureed turnip & bacon in a flaky filo dough...I think! 
Anyway, after I had my fair share of hors d'oeuvres and  chitter chatter with some lovely people I decided to drag Matthew throughout  the three story building to see what else we could 'ooooohhhh and ahhhhhhh' about!  ike...

A very old bathroom & (cute little) toilet...

Funky wallpaper & my flapper attire...

A silent film...
(apparently my cell phone didn't enjoy the film as much as me)

A group of gentlemen in deep conversation...

A gorgeous grandfather clock & a portrait of an old man...

Just a quick 'selfie' in one of the distressed mirrors....

Dapper young bombing, of course...

And a group of talented young musicians playing all of the best 20's tunes.

We spent most of the time mingling, eating, and drinking... so when there was only an hour left we realized  we needed to put those pretty little poker chips to use!
And so...I decided I wanted to play craps! 
To me, it seemed as though it was the popular game of the evening..however some may disagree as the other tables were all full as well. This game just seemed most exciting  (and I may have just wanted to throw the dice like they do in the movies). So...I decided to wiggle my way into a spot and take my chances!

I started off putting some poker chips in the 'Pass' section / lane (?) and then some more in the 'Field'... Once my chips were in the Lefty Luck rolled FOUR 7's in a row!!!
I was doing good for quite some time... but then Lady Luck left my side and I ended up losing all of my chips.... and everyone else's too....Whoops!

I sweet talked Mattew into giving me his chips so we could play a little more and earn some of our fake chips back to win some of the great prizes they had for the evening... He surrendered his chips. But I lost them..for the second time. Uh-oh! (No prizes for us!)
As our time as living in the 20's was quickly coming to an end we enjoyed the music and watched everyone dace...

I had so much fun and I'm pretty sure they said there would be another one in a couple of stay posted!

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