Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adventures Through The Helderberg Hill Towns

M had some business to attend to this past Sunday so Barley and I decided to tag along and take the trip to the 'Hill Towns' with him. When people up in Albany refer to this area as the Hill Towns....they're not kidding! I thought we were just going for a quick drive up a little hill and call it a day. But, boy was I wrong. There were hills, upon hills, upon hills!

I started getting a bit antsy in the beginning of the car ride, convinced we were entering some sort of scary murder scene from a horror movie. I eventually realized that wasn't the case. It only took an adorable family of wild turkeys which oddly enough...made me feel a little better...? They were at the bottom of the first hill so we weren't expecting them, otherwise I would have taken a lovely family picture for you!

Our destination was at the end of a windy road where there were three large barns. The view of the barns from the road had me a little skeptical at first but once we walked a little further the view spoke for itself.