Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adventures Through The Helderberg Hill Towns

M had some business to attend to this past Sunday so Barley and I decided to tag along and take the trip to the 'Hill Towns' with him. When people up in Albany refer to this area as the Hill Towns....they're not kidding! I thought we were just going for a quick drive up a little hill and call it a day. But, boy was I wrong. There were hills, upon hills, upon hills!

I started getting a bit antsy in the beginning of the car ride, convinced we were entering some sort of scary murder scene from a horror movie. I eventually realized that wasn't the case. It only took an adorable family of wild turkeys which oddly enough...made me feel a little better...? They were at the bottom of the first hill so we weren't expecting them, otherwise I would have taken a lovely family picture for you!

Our destination was at the end of a windy road where there were three large barns. The view of the barns from the road had me a little skeptical at first but once we walked a little further the view spoke for itself.

Barley was in his glory for about five minutes....Until we saw the the barn yard's head honcho. (I apologize but I seem to have forgotten the old dogs name, lets just call him Mr. GS)

Barley and Mr. G Shepard made an agreement that as long as Barley keeps his distance from the 'head barn' we were free to roam around the rest of the farm.  And roam we did!
Barley led the adventure and brought us anywhere and everywhere.

Of course he had to sniff around and make sure he wasn't missing a thing! Like this old school tractor. 

And these adorable lounge chairs...

I kinda fell in love with the pair as soon as I saw them. I instantly imagined myself lounging there in the summer, absorbing the warmth of the sun on my skin, while sipping on a....mojito.

 Barley was pretty interested in this little shack. I thought it was cute too, even if it was falling apart.

I'm pretty sure we checked out everything there was to see...

Until finally, it was too cold. Barley and I listened to Sirius and sipped on seltzer in the car until M was finished chatting with Mr. G Shepard's dad.

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