Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New York City - Friday Afternoon

This past weekend M and I headed down to New York City where we attended The Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala at the New York Public Library. Matt and his business partner were invited to the event thanks to Governor Cuomo, who was kind enough to pay for all of New York's distilleries to attend (thanks Gov'na!). 
We arrived in the city around lunch time, which was early enough to drop all the makings for about 700 cocktails off at the library before the deadline. With a bunch of time to kill, we parked the car and walked around until we found our lunch spot. M and I opted for Caliente Cab Co. which had an outside seating area that was perfect for enjoying the warm sun and one of their large margaritas, obviously.

Matt and I weren't starving, but definitely heard our tummies grumbling for a little something yummy. I started with a raspberry margarita and Matt ordered a mojito. They were amazing and exactly what we needed to start our fun and exciting weekend in the city.

Unfortunately, the food was....meh. I ordered the Ceviche Oaxaca and boy was that deceiving. Don't get me wrong, the presentation was gorgeous, however the dish was actually beyond disappointing. 
The menu described the ceviche as having gulf shrimp, calamari, fresh white fish filet, icy Alaskan swimming crab and cilantro slow cooked in a lime and pepper marinade with onions, garlic and a creamy avocado salsa verde.
It was missing the white fish and the crab and after adding juice of half a lime myself there was still barely any citrus to the dish. Weird, no?


Matt ordered a steak quesadilla, which was simple...but oh so cheesy and delicious and was even more scrumptious when I smothered some yummy gucamole & sour cream on top.

Okay, so the quesadilla was good, but I had my hopes up for some yummy ceviche and just didn't get the fix I was looking for. Maybe I'll just have to try making it myself and follow my favorite blogger, The Londoner's recipe!?

We walked around the city for a little longer until it was time to take a cat nap before our big event later that evening....


We had a pretty nice view for the evening, so I didn't mind heading back to rest before the Gala. 
Tell me, do you have a favorite place to eat while you're in the city!? I'd love to try some new places next time I'm down there!

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