Thursday, June 20, 2013

Simple Little Treat Catch Up

Since I haven't blogged in a while I thought I'd do a catch up post on a few of my favorite things since my last time. A couple weekends ago I went to THE CONFECTIONERY and instantly fell in love. Within one week I made it there twice...but can you blame me? What is better than creamy brie, salty cured meats, and buttery chardonnay? (The answer is NOTHING). I promise to do a full on post of this gem in the near future!

My first time experiencing the Confectionery I went with M's sister, Chris.

My second time was at a girls night out with some fabulous ladies form work.  

[Picture from the gorgeous ALEXA'S Instagram]

The boyfriend made us a delicious dinner of scallop ceviche and homemade crostinis. It was light, citrusy, and utterly delightful. 

I drove down to my hometown to visit a few friends. In between visits I decided to officially get over my fear of eating alone and stopped at my favorite little cafe, J & J GOURMET. It was tough to order just one dish, I usually go with at least one other person and share. I was happy with my choice and ordered the massive cobb salad with a to-die-for creamy balsamic vinaigrette. It was fantastic (as usual).

After, I just had to treat my sweet tooth and went to the best soft serve ice cream place, ever: HOLY COW ICE CREAM.  
Seeing as how the salad filled me up, I ordered my usual (vanilla with rainbow sprinkles), but in a kiddy cone.

Just the other day I made a batch of my favorite cupcakes: RASPBERRY LEMONADE.  

Now, as my favorite Looney Toons character would say, That's Alllllll, FOLKS!

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