Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Albany's Best Subs And A Picnic In The Park

One of my favorite things about summers in Albany is having a picnic in Washington Park. After being stuck indoors and staring at a computer screen all day yesterday I wanted nothing more than to be spending the evening outside enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. And whats better then enjoying a picnic in the park?!
The answer is nothing.

Albany is finally getting sun and warm HOT weather! So last night I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather a bit and have a picnic in the park with M. We've been bombarded with so much rain lately that I wanted to take advantage of the sun and sprawl out on a big blanket with good food, refreshing drinks, great company, and just relax and enjoy the evening. 
After work I told M to meet me at the house so we could pack up the bag with a blanket, yummy beer, chips, and subs from Andy's!
Whenever I am craving a big 'ol sub overflowing with goodies, I whip out the Andy's menu to satisfy my craving.
I ordered M his usual, 'the Brooklyn' which had pepper ham, mortadella, fatty cappy, provelone,  and olive mix.
Okay, so you caught me. That's not M's sub, it's mine! He opened his and ate it up before I was able to channel my inner shutterbug and snap a pretty picture.
My sub was delicious, as always. I'm a sucker for 'favorites' and this big guy is at the top of my list. There's smoked turkey, asiago cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato, onion, and balsamic oil. It's pretty simple, but definitely a craving quencher. 
 [I'm clearly in sub demolishing mode right here.]

After we each finished half of our sub, M and I laid back and watched the dogs playing with their owners and each other. Running, jumping, and wrestling their way throughout the entire area in the park just a little bit away from our picnic.

After making some room, we had some of the cheese stuffed cherry peppers.
Blue cheese stuffed peppers.
 And goat cheese stuffed peppers (my favorite).
For dessert I picked up two options. A chocolate chip brownie (which we sadly didn't eat) and a white chocolate chip and craisin cookie.

This buttery, sweet, delicious cookie was the perfect ending to our adorable picnic in the park. 
Now, when I tell you I love Andy's subs, I mean I LOVE ANDY'S SUBS!
They're located on Deleware Avenue just a skip, hop, and a jump from Spectrum 8 Theaters. So make sure you head that way and pick yourself up a delicious sub, soon!!


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  2. You and M are too Cute! ps my favorite part is the beer in mason jars, very country summer, love it!!!

    1. Thanks, Brittney! I'm obsessed with mason jars!


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