Thursday, August 22, 2013


This past weekend I headed out to Hessian Hill Farm for the Family Farm Day to help M out with the Distillery. We set up a table to do tastings for all of the guests. My friend Alexa came with me to help out.

I was absolutely amazed by the gorgeous view, I felt on top of the world.

Okay, maybe not 'on top of the world' ...but still, pretty high up there! 

In between pouring tastings and describing the the flavors of the whiskey to guests I admired all the farm had to offer, like....
Mini peaches.

Vibrant sunflowers.

A gorgeous horse.


Bock, bock, chickens!

Snowball the cat! I honestly can't remember if Snowball was his/her correct name or if Alexa and I just made it up. Either way, IT is an adorable and friendly farm cat!

Fresh apples.

The cute farm dog. barn? I just liked the antlers!

 More gorgeous flowers.

And a big 'ol bumble bee just grabbing a sweet bite to eat!

This was my very favorite view of the entire day. 

Don't you want to be sprawled out on a float, just enjoying the spectacular view? These folk's are so extremely fortunate to have such a beautiful home to enjoy every day. There's a part of me (deep down) that wants to own a house like this when I'm older.

There once was a farmer milking a cow in a barn. A bug flew in and started circling the cow's head. The farmer ignored it.....until the bug squirted out into his bucket. It went in one ear and out the udder.

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