Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Remember the last time I shared some of the Simple Things that gave me a little bit of happiness and put a  smile on my face (here)?  Well, I'm back to share a few more of those moments with you!
Lately I've been feeling pretty bogged down with stress, lots and lots of stress. Stress from work, finances, personal issues, and so much more. But every now and then I get a sense of relief when I realize things could always be worse, I'm so lucky for what I have, and there are so many people that care for and love me.

Photo taken by Alexa Bernstein

A simple lady bug encounter over a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

Sparkling sake on a sushi date with my blogger pal, Miss Rosie O.

I enjoyed an incredibly gluttonous pub burger on a girls night at The Olde English Pub (one of my all-time-favorite-bars in Albany).
Girls night isn't just about the's about all of my favorite ladies coming together and sharing an amazingly memorable evening together.

Enjoying a beautiful sunset at home.

Spending an entire Saturday experiencing German culture at Wollf's Biergarten Oktoberfest with my best girlfriends.

And those were just some of the special moments that have meant the most to me lately. 
What are some of the simple things that have brought a smile to your face? 
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