Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I finally made my way to The Grocery!

For those of you who don't know, The Grocery is one of the latest additions to Troy. Owners Heather & Vic, who also own the Lucas Confectionery have opened this wonderful establishment that can only be described as a foodies ultimate dreamland.

 First of all, they are the only grocery store in the area that allows you to sip on a refreshing beverage while shopping! There is beer on tap and your choice of red or white wine - all at reasonable prices.

When I first stepped foot into The Grocery my eyes went straight for their deli area where they displayed a beautiful assortment of artisan cheeses, meats, olives & more. 


The variety of meats and cheeses provided is truly amazing. Not only do they offer products that are difficult to find in a normal grocer, but they maintain such a great mixture that there is surely something there for everyone to enjoy. 
The Grocery's staff is very knowledgeable of the products as, I learned quite a bit about the meat.

Jamón serrano  is a dry-cured Spanish ham from a white pig and can even be used in place of prosciutto. 


There is a bunch of fresh produce...

 And snacks...

Coffee & craft beers...

Decadent chocolates...

 And rock candy...

 I was very impressed with all The Grocery had to offer and am looking forward to my next visit! If you've already had the opportunity to stop by, please share your thoughts and let me know what your favorite purchases were. 
Their Facebook page is very active, so make sure you 'like' it to keep up with everything that happens!


  1. Pics are looking good. Lots of shallow depth of field. New camera?

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! :) I used a Canon Rebel XS in this post. My friend was kind enough to let me borrow hers. Im currently in the process of getting one for myself!

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  3. i found the place to be unbelievably expensive.

  4. I love that I can walk for good beer, deli meats, cheese, pasta, olive oil, hummus, pretzel chips, and more. The beer prices are on par with places I have to drive to. And the little bit more I pay for the rest is worth supporting 1) a locally owned place vs big box, and 2) a place in downtown so I don't have to get my car out for what I can't get at the Saturday farmers market. Living in downtown Troy just keeps getting better. Hopefully the cheapskates can realize that spending a little more here is far better for our community than saving a buck at walmart.

    1. Hey Troy Gal!
      Thanks so much for reading my blog - I couldn't agree more with your comment. The Grocery provides superior products...which will obviously call for superior prices. I'm glad you support local business, too! :)


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