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Who doesn't love cookies, cupcakes, and brownies? Last Wednesday I was invited to attend the ribbon cutting and grand opening of Bake For You, where I was able to try some of the delicious homemade goodies. The bakery has been open since 2009  where owner, Linda Kindlon worked out of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, until she recently relocated to the DelSo Communty of 540 Delaware Avenue. Her shop is now located next to The Cheese Traveler, one of my favorite places in Albany, and The Yoga Loft.
[Please excuse the quality of these pictures, I was having a small camera malfunction...whoops]

After the ribbon cutting we all scurried out of the cold and into the shop to enjoy some hot coffee and fresh baked goods. Linda's family and friends were there to help and support her on her big day!


I  tried their chocolate chip cookie, white chip and cranberry cookie, and the girls best friend. They were all d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Linda was super busy so I wasn't able to speak with her for long, but she was kind enough to answer a few of my questions via e-mail...
Interview With Linda Kindlon, owner of Bake For You:

1. How would you describe a typical day at Baked For You? 

A typical day starts early and the sweets for the shop are baked first then wholesale and special orders. When time allows new creations are made.

2. Do you have any 'best kept secrets' (books, websites, etc...) that you reference a lot while baking or read just for pleasure?

I love Ina Garten, and read cookbooks like a novel...I also marvel at Julia Child's. I am currently reading a collection of C.S. Lewis.

3. What about 'best kept secrets' when it comes to baking tricks?

My secret so to speak is I love to hand mix and I don't like to over bake and never time any thing.

4. Everyone loves sweets! So... what is your favorite treat on the menu?

My favorite is actually two- our scones and the whitechip cranberry cookie.

5.  What is one of the biggest challenges you've had to face since opening your bakery in 2009?

The biggest challenge is time. there never seems to be enough.

6. What advice would you give another small business owner just starting out?
My best advice to someone starting out is trust your gut. Believe there will be great days and not so great days and know you are very courageous to be in a small business.

7. If you could go back and share one piece of advice when you were first starting out what would it be?

If I could share one thing from when I started it would be to take one day off and don't answer your phone. Time away gives more room to be creative and productive.

8. Do you have any favorite baking / food blogs?

I read all different blogs when time allows, but no favorites currently :)
It was great getting to know a little bit more about the woman behind one of Albany's best bakeries and lucky for me...Bake For You is just down the street from my house!

Keep up with this local business on Facebook and Twitter and don't forget to let me know which baked goods are your favorite!

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