Thursday, January 30, 2014


I love cream cheese, whether it's slathered all over a fresh everything bagel or just a quick smear on a crispy piece of toast - I'm all over it!  A couple of my favorite bagel shops in the area have their own recipe for one of my favorite flavors - bacon scallion. Although these bagel shops execute their cream cheeses well I just feel there is never enough of the goodies in there for me, so I decided to whip up my own. 
It's ridiculous how simple this recipe is. All you need is three ingredients!

- 1 Package of Cream cheese
- 3 pieces of bacon
- 2 scallions - chopped 

I love bacon. It has it's own special slot in my personal food pyramid, so I obviously added an extra piece in there for extra bacon-y goodness. 
Make sure you cook your bacon until it's extra crispy, that way it holds up well and maintains a crisp texture while it's mixed throughout the cream cheese. 

Be sure everything is well incorporated and then smear it on whatever delicious carb is closest to you. 

Take a bite (or two) and enjoy! 

What is your favorite cream cheese flavor?

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