Thursday, February 6, 2014


The Capital Region was a snowy wonderland yesterday and seeing as how I am petrified of driving in the snow I was not up for making the trek into work. So I called in, curled back under the duvet and fell back asleep until my belly started grumbling. 
I came across Rosie's breakfast while skimming Instagram before getting out of bed and decided I'd make myself a pair of soft boiled eggs for breakie. 

This is an extremely simple dish to execute, but I've never made soft boiled eggs before so I followed this recipe by Hither & Thither
Bring a pot with a half inch of water to a boil, once the water boils lower the heat to medium, place the eggs in and return lid on pot.  

While the eggs are steaming in the pot toast your bread, butter it, and cut it into strips just wide enough to dip in the golden yolk.

After the 6.5 minutes run the eggs under cold water so you're able to peel them. Be gentle, as the whites are still soft.


I am absolutely positively in love with this breakfast. It's beyond simple and one of the most delectable items I've made in a while.

There's nothing like breakfast in bed while surfing Netflix! Don't you agree?

How did you spend your snowy Wednesday?


  1. Looks great. This is even better with farmers market eggs, especially if you can get the ones with the green shells. They are beautiful.

    We'll have to work on that toast. But good bread is hard to find in these parts. When I get back, I'll need to check out what The Cheese Traveler is importing from Hudson. There could be some winners in those bins.

    1. Thanks, Daniel!
      Yeah - The Cheese Traveler does have some delicious bread. I think I'm going to make a homemade loaf of bread soon, so I'll have to try the eggs again! Thanks for reading my blog :)

  2. Don't peel the eggs! Just cut the top off, and spoon out! (Then turn upside down in the eggcup and try to fool someone that it's a new one!)


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