Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Oh how I love Downtown Albany's Restaurant Week! Last Thursday some of the girls and I met up at The Merry Monk to enjoy a couple drinks, gossip about life, vent about work, and eat some food...some realllllly great food.

I started off with a Saison and duck drumsticks with a sweet & spicy bbq glaze.

The drumsticks were great, I just wish there was a little less sauce, because it was a bit overpowering and took away from the flavor of the duck.

The Merry Monk has an amazing beer selection - both bottled and on draft. I recommend you start off with a sampler so you get to try a selection of beer & then decide on your favorite!

For the entree I ordered the Blue Cheese & Bacon Mussels with bacon, shallots, blue cheese crumbles, baby spinach, white wine, and a balsamic reduction. 
These are by far my favorite mussels, ever! I order them every time I visit the Merry Monk and even created my own recipe so I can make them at home.

The frites...ohhh the frites. They are everything you look for in a French fry and more. Perfectly crisp on the outside with a soft, melt in your mouth center. Pair these bad boys with the garlic herb mayo and good luck trying to only eat one portion!

I was so full from dinner that I had the chocolate cake wrapped up to go. But I assure that cake was wonderful!

I highly suggest you give The Merry Monk a visit soon! Oh and Wednesday nights are buy one pound of mussels, get one pound for free! So give them a go soon & let me know what you order.
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