Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I love when the warmer weather comes around, because I know that's when all the fresh fruits and veggies are available at local farms. Since it's rare that I find myself perusing farmers markets on the weekend I searched for a food subscription that delivers and discovered Field Goods.

[They pick random spots throughout the Capital Region as drop off locations. You can find a pick up location here.]

I wanted to make sure I really enjoyed and supported everything Field Goods has to offer, so I waited until I received my second delivery before blogging about them; I'm happy to say I love them! 

Field Goods offers a variety of subscriptions including:

-Small Fruit and Vegetable Subscriptions: $20/week, designed for 1 to 2 people
-Standard Fruit and Vegetable Subscriptions: $25/week, designed for 2-3 people
-Family Fruit and Vegetable Subscription: $30/week, designed for 3-5 people
-Herb and Allium Subscription: $6/week, selection of garlic, herbs, onions, and more
-Bread Subscription: $5/week, a loaf of local bread delivered each week
-Fruit Subscription: $5.50/week, a variety of seasonal, local fruit
-Cheese of the week: $5.75
- Single week deliveries are also available: $22/small; $27.50/standad; $33/family size

You can check out all they have to offer here.

I order the small fruit & veggie, cheese, & bread subscription and /for just over $30 I've completed 90% of my grocery shopping for the week, all while supporting local businesses and eating healthy!

Each subscription comes with 6-8 different types of produce each week, all of which depend on what is in season as well as the crop conditions.

This past week I received...

Radishes from Formisano Farms.

A bunch of arugula from Marolda Farms.

Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese from Palatine Valley Dairy.

Dandelion greens from Formisano Farms.

Rustic Peasant bread from Cafe Le Perche in Hudson, NY.

Bibb lettuce from Continental Organics.

Leeks from Formisano Farms.

Parsnips from Schoharie Valley Farms.

And Yellow Delicious Apples from Schlegels Farm.

I not only love the convenience factor of Field Goods, but I also enjoy the mystery of not knowing what goodies I'll receive each week. It's like Christmas morning for foodies!

Just remember you never know what you're going to receive! They have a lot of farmers providing produce, so you'll have to put your creative hat on when you're in the kitchen whipping up some new dishes with your fresh fruits & veggies.

Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Which subscriptions would you order?


  1. These are fantastic photos!! Sometimes scared of getting stuff I don't usually eat, but a diverse diet is important--for health and our farmers. Thanks for sharing all this great info!

    1. Hi Page!

      Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed the post, it can be a little nerve racking not knowing what you're going to receive, but also kind of exciting! Check back tomorrow, I'm sharing a post on how to make parsnip fries!

  2. AnonymousMay 22, 2014

    great post, beautiful colors and arrangement of your goodies. i've been thinking about getting field goods for awhile but i'm all over the place in the summer, maybe i'll try it this winter.

    1. Thanks a bunch Julie!
      Field Goods worked with me when I knew I wasn't going to need the veggie bag one week. So they paused my subscription for that one shipment and then it was easy to start again once I was ready.

  3. michelleMay 22, 2014

    My friend and I have been getting Field Goods delivered to our work since January and we LOVE it!!! I've tried so many new foods I wouldn't have and some I had never even heard of...looking forward to trying the kohlrobi this week!


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