Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Have I told you how much I love the city? If I haven't, I'm telling you now. It has always been my dream to make the big move and become a city girl. But, my life and all the people I love are here in the Capital Region. So, I suppose random trips to visit Alexa will just have to suffice... for now.

I was in the city for most of last weekend because M had some business to attend to and I wanted to catch up on some much needed girl time with Alexa, since I can't remember the last time I saw her! Fortunately, I lucked out this trip as two of our girlfriends were down for a visit, too! We spent most of Friday night eating and drinking our way through Hells Kitchen, starting at Casellula for wine and cheese.

We woke up Saturday morning feeling a little foggy from the night before. So we ordered ourselves some fresh bagels for delivery (!), sipped on mimosas, and watched Frozen (obviously) while slowly getting ready for the day ahead.

It wasn't until after noon that we made our way out of the apartment to head to Brooklyn for Smorgasburg and some other food & drink related activities. The girls ordered a round of  Manhattans at Spike Hill while I downed a spicyyyyy Bloody Mary. It was amazing and the perfect way to start the days adventures.

Yes, when we're all together it mostly revolves around discussions about food & fashion while consuming lots of fancy drinks. 

I was in the city the same time last year and had a wonderful visit to Smorgasburg that prepared me for this visit. I knew to expect an overwhelming crowd of people and a wonderful mixture of mouthwatering smells from the dozens of food stations. However, I am extremely sad to say this Smorgasburg visit was cut short.

When we finally arrived we were greeted with sky full of gray clouds and a slight drizzle....that quickly turned into a downpour.

We made the most of our time before the downpour and were each able to order one thing. I ran off in the opposite direction of the girls because I was on the hunt for Takumi Tacos while they were determined to find mac & cheese and lobster rolls (see Alexa's post for their foodie info).

Takumi Taco's menu concept is inspired by infusing Japanese and Mexican street food, which ultimately creates edible masterpieces.

I ordered a Spicy Tuna Taco with sashimi grade big eye tuna, jicama, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, on a crispy gyoza shell.

Look at that beauty! I wish I ordered a million more! The crispy gyoza shell was the perfect addition to the soft and tender tuna.

And that my friends, was the end of my Smorgasburg experience this time. But I'll be back again soon!

Check out the Smorgasburg's vendors list and head down there when you find the time! It's Saturdays in Williamsburg at East River State Park and Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5.

Go. Walk. Eat. Eat Some More. Enjoy!

(I'll be sharing the rest of my Brooklyn adventure tomorrow!)

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