Monday, May 12, 2014


We had some pretty fantastic weather in the Capital Region last week. Tuesday was my 3rd Anniversary with M, so we jumped at the opportunity to enjoy some of that sunshine. We spent a relaxing evening outside sipping on wine while slurping down oysters (and some other goodies) at Lucas Confectionery's Troyster Tuesday.

While we waited for our two dozen oysters to be shucked M & I nibbled on pea crostinis with hand ladled ricotta, sweet English peas, & onion jam.
These were so amazing! However I wish they just made it even and gave us four crostinis because I really didn't want to share the last one!

We ordered a carafe of GrĂ¼ner Veltliner – Pratsch, their white wine on tap. It's from Austria and was a wonderful addition to the evening; pairing well with both the pea crostinis and the salty oysters.

The oysters were served with lemon, cocktail sauce, and a wild ramp mignonette. I tried ramps for the first time last summer and quickly fell in love with them. Both M & I thought the mignonette was delicious, so we asked for a couple pieces of bread for dipping. But....this was a bad idea as the vinegar and shallots were a bit too strong and messed with our taste buds.

Aren't these puppies pretty?

After a couple sips of wine washed away the excessive tartness I finished the rest of the oyster with just a small squeeze of lemon juice. It's really all you need since the natural saltiness of the ocean still remains in each oyster.

My mouth is watering just looking and thinking about these oysters again. 

We ended the evening with their unique homemade ice cream: blue cheese with blood orange honey. It was....interesting?

I didn't know what to expect when we placed the ice cream order, M and I both love blue cheese, but unfortunately I wasn't really a fan. I think the consistency was what ruined it for me. It was mealy and far from smooth and creamy. But maybe that's how it was supposed to come out since blue cheese is a weird cheese to begin with?

Oh well...Kudos to the Confectionery for giving blue cheese ice cream a try!

This gorgeous gold spoon made up for everything, though. (I think I need to invest in all gold silverware, right now.)

If you haven't been to Troyster Tuesday (or even if you have) then I highly suggest you give it a go!  It's supposed to be another warm one tomorrow, what better way to cool down than with some ice cold oysters?

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