Monday, June 9, 2014


It's no secret I love cheese, so when I received an invite to the Four Fat Fowl private launch party at the Ginger Man on Friday night I was pretty excited and couldn't wait to see what this local business had to offer!

For those of you who haven't heard about them yet, Four Fat Fowl is an artisan creamery located in Stephentown, NY. In the past the cheesemaker, Willy Bridgham, has made and oversaw the production of cheese at both Old Chatham Sheepherding Company and Coach Farm. With more than 10 years of experience and numerous cheese awards under his belt, this cheesemaker is on his way to doing great things.

As of now, Four Fat Fowl has one cheese, their St. Stephen, which is a triple cream made from cow's milk.

Before I go any further, let me just come right out and say it, this cheese is amazing!

The St. Stephen is made from all natural Jersey cow milk and Jersey cow cream, which is sourced from Dutch Hollow Farm in Schodack Landing, NY.  Willy told me he travels there every morning. So in just over an hour he has the milk and cream back at his creamy, in the vat, and on it's way to producing a fine triple cream cheese. Can it get any fresher? 

I was seriously impressed with the cheese. It's smooth, silky & incredibly buttery! 

At the launch party the St. Stephen was prepared four different ways. The first of which was a simple assortment of bread and crackers to pair with the cheese.

Then it was on to the cheese with with fresh herbs and an option to pair it with honey, mustard, balsamic, nuts, and / or berries.

In between each nibble of cheese I was able to try a variety of beer from Chatham Brewing. The two local businesses sat down and created a selection of beers that would pair well with the cheese.

The beer choices included the Bourbon Barrel Brown, Scotch, 8 Barrel Reserve, and Farmer's Daughter.

Next up, the Canapé: St. Stephen, smoked salmon, & roasted radish. This one was easily my favorite!

Such a gorgeous presentation.

There was also small sliders with the St. Stephen, toasted onion, zucchini, & mushrooms.

Four Fat Fowl is trying to raise money for some much needed equipment and continued growth in their first year. They have created a Kickstarter Campaign and anything you can pledge would be greatly appreciated!
You can keep up with the artisan creamy on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Pick up For Fat Fowl's St. Stephen at The Cheese Traveler on Delaware Avenue, Albany and the Honest Weight Food Co-Op on Watervliet Avenue, Albany. Each cheese wheel retails at about $12 for 8oz.

What's your favorite thing to pair with a creamy, buttery, & silky cheese?


  1. My brain seriously shut down reading this. Now I can think of nothing other than ditching work and going directly to the Cheese Traveler. And then trying to find those beers. If I get nothing done today, it's completely your fault.

    1. Haha I hope you were able to finish your work day, Tiffany! If you can't find Chatham's beer then I highly suggest picking up a bottle of Chardonnay!


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