Wednesday, November 26, 2014


By the time we finished the filming of The Chew both Caitlyn and I were absolutely starving. We made plans to meet up with Alexa for a relaxing and indulgent lunch at Murray's Cheese Bar.

 While we waited for Alexa to arrive Caitlyn and I browsed the lunch menu and picked out an appetizer and a bottle of wine to hold us over.

We ordered the Buffalo Cheese Curds to nibble on.

Although buffalo cheese curds aren't something I would normally order I thoroughly enjoyed trying something different. Especially when you're dipping fried cheese in blue cheese dressing.

In an effort to eat some veggies we ordered Kale Caesar Salad to split. 

They topped the crunchy greens with a generous amount of shaved parmesan, crispy croutons, thinly sliced radishes, and white anchovies, my favorite.

I really enjoyed the salad; the bite from the radish and saltiness of the anchovy were absolutely perfect. Since then I've been ordering kale caesar salads whenever I see them on a menu.

After a little while we decided to order the Cheesemonger's choice of 8 cheeses and meats. They kindly let us pick out our own  meat selection and we told them we enjoyed every type of cheese.

I can't remember what each of the cheeses were, but the cheese monger came over and gave us an in-depth description of everything on the board; ranging from "mild to wild". 

He also paired each cheese with a little something that perfectly complemented the ranging flavors  of everything on the board.

For the meats we ordered a duck salami, finocchiona, and prosciutto. 

The prosciutto was sliced extremely thin and melted in your mouth like butter. It was probably some of the best prosciutto I've ever had.

There was practically nothing left but a few scraps by the end of our ladies lunch date.

It was a successful afternoon if you ask me. If you're ever in the area then I highly recommend you go in and check them out! They have an amazing happy hour as well as a 3 course prix fixe special for $25. Follow them on Twitter and give them a like on Facebook, too!

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  1. This looks delicious. Your selections were pretty close to my ideal dinner when hubs and I are home without the kids. I just love a gorgeous cheese plate, although we typically finish with the salad. I'll have to put Murray's on my list for my next trip to NYC.



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