Tuesday, January 20, 2015


A fellow blogger friend of mine invited me to go on an adventure with him the other night. I made my way to Troy and we met up to enjoy an evening at Peck's Arcade, the latest addition to owner's Vic & Heather's growing empire in downtown Troy.

I wish I had shot more photos of the restaurant, because it's absolutely beautiful and unique. But I suppose a bunch of food pictures will just have to do!

We sat at the kitchen bar and were able to watch the men behind the line work their magic as they skillfully executed each dish.

First on the list of things to try was a small plate from their specials that evening. A ricotta crostini with truffle honey, chilis, and a few other seasonings.

Absolutely delicious and the perfect way to start the evening!

Next up, Shishitos with tuna conserva, cured yolk, & smoked salt.

This dish was unique. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but once each ingredient was combined I think the flavors meshed well together. I especially enjoyed to the random bits of  smoked salt.

For the next dish we had pork cheek with salsify, herb aioli, and crispy shallots.


This dish was amazing!

I know pork cheek may sound weird to some, but I was excited to try it. The meat was beyond tender and the sauce they served it with was rich and flavorful.

I was snapping so many photos of this dish, someone snapped one of me in action....

Photo from The Fuj.
Although my stomach was starting to fill up as time progressed I somehow managed to make room for the next few dishes.

This potato dish was another special of the evening. 

Crispy potatoes, chunks of roasted tomatoes, and a fried egg. Yes please!

 For something a little lighter we tried the Octopus with greens, gorbanzo beans, and radish.

 I really enjoyed this dish. I'll admit I've only had octopus a few times before this but thought it was executed it well, especially with the vinaigrette that was drizzled on top.

 Next up, Cavatelli! Their pasta is homemade and never having eaten cavatelli before this moment, it kind of reminded me of gnocchi. I wish I could have this dish with a snap of the finger any time I was craving a good deal of comfort food.

 In between each dish I kept mentioning their 'Dining Room' sign. I'm not exactly sure why I loved it so much, but nevertheless I think the addition of this neon light to Peck's Arcade is a perfect wall accessory.

I didn't think I could possibly manage one more bite of food, but then dessert came out and somehow I managed to make room for a few more. The toffee dessert was out of this world & definitely my favorite.

I called this the iceberg dessert. It was towers of meringue with some sort of orange sorbet in the middle. Extremely refreshing and a nice way to end the meal.

I highly suggest you give Peck's Arcade a go soon! I enjoyed myself so much I already have plans to go back tomorrow evening!
They're open Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-10pm, Friday 5pm-11pm, and Saturday 4pm-11pm.
Try and get there early so you can enjoy seats at the kitchen bar area, which in my opinion is the best seat in the house. Check out their website and make reservations here and Like them on Facebook to keep up with what's going on!

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