Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Brunch Menu at Creo'

The folks at Creo' invited me back, but this time it was to try their updated fall brunch menu from Executive Chef Eric Sell. I jumped at the opportunity and knew I wanted to invite one of my girlfriends to enjoy this experience with me.

So I decided to bring my good friend Suzy to join me in the fun. We agreed on the most important thing first: it was going to be a bottomless brunch. For $15 Creo' offers an endless amount of mimosas. It's a no brainer if you know you're going to have a long relaxing brunch and enjoy more than two mimosas!

The fall brunch menu has a few new additions as well as a couple of alterations to some of their staples. I tend to have the hardest time making a decision when it comes to brunch. I'm usually not one for sweets to start my day, as I tend to enjoy and crave salty & savory dishes the most.
After placing our order and cheersing to the excitement of Sunday brunch, mimosas, and much needed girl time we got down to business. Catching up on what was going on in each others lives, including work gossip, boy drama, and just life in general. Our server came over with a basket of fresh baked goods and a slab of butter.

The berry muffins were quite delicious, but the star of the show was definitely the blue cheese biscuit. Seriously a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

To start we decided to split the Golden Beet Terrine.

Golden beets and goat cheese, arugula, crispy red beets, beet vinaigrette | $14

It was very light and refreshing, something I'd definitely order again.

As we were finishing up with the terrine someone from the Creo' team brought over the Toastadas.

 Over easy eggs, chorizo, crispy corn tortilla, cheddar cheese, salsa roja | $14

It was crispy, savory, and had just the right amount of heat. I would normally skip over this dish as a brunch option, but I'm so happy they brought this over for us to try. Oh, and look at that yolk, pure perfection.

I am a huge fan of cured or smoked salmon for brunch, and only recently learned there was actually a difference between smoked salmon, lox, and gravlax. The updated menu at Creo' now includes a gravlax dish, instead of the smoked salmon, which was on the previous menu. Gravlax is a Scandinavian dish that is cured with salt and lots of dill rather than smoked.

Matzoh crusted soft boiled fried egg, house made gravlax, sour cream, capers | $16

The assistant manager at Creo' kindly brought the Gravlax & Crispy Potato Cakes over to us. Luckily for me, Suzy is a vegetarian, which meant this dish was all mine!

I was surprised by how light and crunchy the potato cake was, I thought it was the absolute perfect accompaniment to the salty silkiness of the salmon. I'm a big fan of soft boiled eggs and loved being able to dip the salmon and potato cake in the yolk. The crispy matzoh coating was a fun addition, too.

By the time the dishes we ordered reached the table Suzy and I were both in a full on food coma. But in true food blogger fashion we made our way through and tried each dish. Suzy ordered the Wood Fired Farmers Eggs.

Two eggs baked in marinara, grilled bread
 Pure cozy comfort food. Perfect way to warm up on a crisp autumn Sunday afternoon.

I ordered the Lobster Omelete, which was massive!

Lobster omelete with chorizo, grilled onions, hollandaise, mixed greens | $20

 I really enjoyed the omelete. It was fluffy, extremely flavorful, and packed full of goodies. My only critique is that I wish it had cheese in it, like Havarti, rather than the hollandaise sauce.

We ended the afternoon on a fabulous note with their Apple Crumble Cheesecake Ice cream, made in house. Suzy and I were absolutely blown away by how well they were able to capture the cheesecake flavor. Most of the time when ice cream has flavors like this they are only similar, but they nailed this one exactly. The ice cream changes on a regular basis, so if you go you might not get this flavor combination, but I'm assure you, you wont be disappointed with whatever they have at the moment.

Do yourself a favor and make a reservation to go in and try the fall brunch menu today and be sure to let me know what you tried!

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