Monday, April 13, 2020

5 Ways I'm Staying Sane During Self-Isolation

Hey, friends! I'm back!

Things are kinda crazy/sad/scary/hectic in the world right now - we've essentially hit the pause button on life. So I thought, what better time to start The Simple Treat back up again than right now?!

Seeing as how I've officially been on the self-isolation bus for a month now, I thought I'd share an update on how I'm adjusting. And well - I'll just say it's been weird. I always thought of myself as an introvert and have said things like "omg, I love being home alone" and "I can't imagine living with another person again." But, now I'm rethinking things. Like, should I have gone downstate to quarantine with my sister? She's my twin and we love each other to death, but could we handle each other for who knows how long? Would we end up fighting just like we did when we were moody preteens with those savage insults? Who knows!