Monday, April 13, 2020

5 Ways I'm Staying Sane During Self-Isolation

Hey, friends! I'm back!

Things are kinda crazy/sad/scary/hectic in the world right now - we've essentially hit the pause button on life. So I thought, what better time to start The Simple Treat back up again than right now?!

Seeing as how I've officially been on the self-isolation bus for a month now, I thought I'd share an update on how I'm adjusting. And well - I'll just say it's been weird. I always thought of myself as an introvert and have said things like "omg, I love being home alone" and "I can't imagine living with another person again." But, now I'm rethinking things. Like, should I have gone downstate to quarantine with my sister? She's my twin and we love each other to death, but could we handle each other for who knows how long? Would we end up fighting just like we did when we were moody preteens with those savage insults? Who knows!

In reality, I'm getting on fine. I'm just a little bit lonely at times. And that's ok. Because let's be real - there are folks out there  going to work every day to save lives and others working because they've been deemed essential. I can't complain, because in the realm of things, my wine drinking, Netflix binging, grilled cheese making self will be A-ok when we get through this. Lonely is fine. Lonely is temporary.

In an effort to be productive and help me get through the week I've set myself up with a few "ground rules" and have been trying to stick to them.

  1. I set my alarm. Albeit later than normal, I have to still have time to actually wake up and get ready for the day.
  2. I wash my face and do my hair. Yes, throwing on a headband to disguise my bedhead IS considered "doing my hair". You're welcome for the tip. I actually think it's essential for getting myself in 'work mode'. 
  3. I make myself coffee. Yes, coffee in the morning goes without saying. I have a French press and for some reason the process of making my coffee each morning calms me.
  4. I set a schedule. To stay connected, my team and I do a check-in every morning to share what hours we'll be working and what's on our to-do list for that day. On those busy days, I make it a point to not be logged on to work more than 30 minutes after the time I said I would end my day. A lot of my friends have said they feel like they're working more now than before this real-life Twilight Zone episode started. I think it's important to draw a line and stop working, because the work will be there tomorrow. It's not being lazy and it's not that I'm not dedicated to my career. It's self care. It's prioritizing my time. And it's going to keep me sane in the long run. 
  5. I set up time with friends. Virtual happy hours are literally saving. my. life. So thanks friends, shout out to you for being a highlight in my week!
What have you been doing to get through self-isolation? 

This is just the first of many posts where I'll be sharing what has worked for me. But I'd like to know what tips you have to stay productive. Drop a comment below and share! 

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